How to style your dining table!

Posted by Shannon Sayer, Karen Rhodes on 9th Sep 2020

Dressing your dining table can be hard work. With tips and tricks from our resident styling expert, Karen Rhodes, your dining table will wow your guests!

Karen explains that identifying the purpose of the setting is one of the most important starting step. Understanding whether the setting is going to be formal or casual will determine the theme of the space.

Once you have established the purpose, experiment and play around with placement and displays of cutlery. Placement of cutlery in the middle or at each end of the table can add more seating space! Another tip is to play around with decorative jug as a cutlery display. Not only will this be functional but also an eye-catching feature.
Glassware is vital and can always be a feature. Patterned glassware is always a talking piece! Clean and polished glassware is a must!

Karen says the days of matching have gone and coordinating pieces is the new trend! Experiment and play around with different finishes, shapes and structure to add texture, definition and interest into your home, but insure it flows! For example, try matching gold accents and warm-toned finishes or brass with black finishes. This will add dimension, warmth and movement to your home.

With beautiful and unique tables, it is important to try and keep the décor minimal. This will help with the table remaining as the focal piece. Karen advises to avoid covering in placemats and fabric. Select pieces that will help to highlight the natural beauty. A great way to achieve this is to add greenery. Using a pot with greenery will enhance the space to feel natural. Stay clear of oversized and bright neon colour pieces. This can often cause an overwhelming feeling and make it feel too loud.

Florals always complete a table setting. However, beware of overcompensating! Karen states that balance is key. There is nothing worse than trying to talk across a room with a huge bunch of flowers at eye-height! When guests move towards to seating at the table, simply remove the decorative piece to a buffet or console table. This way, the florals will still add a splash of colour to the space.

With these tips and tricks, your dining table will be set to impress your guests! Don’t be afraid to experiment and try different themes and styles. With 10% off dining tables this week, you can wow your guests! Find yours instore at Bendigo Creative Co-op.">