Lighting to help you Shine

Lighting to help you Shine

Posted by Paul Kooperman on 25th Aug 2020

"Everyone shines given the right lighting." Anon

It's true. 

Given the right environment, the right circumstances, your friends and the people who surround you, the work or hobbies you're involved with, the goals you have, the barriers you're facing and challenges you're trying to overcome, everyone has the potential to shine! To be the best version of themselves. 

Our homes are the same. 

What does your home need to meet its potential? To be the perfect safe, warm and beautiful environment you've always dreamed it would be? 

What are the circumstances which need to change or occur for your home to meet its full potential? For it to be a place you're proud of, a place you love to be?  

What kind of lighting needs to happen in your home, in each and every space, so that you and your family are able to really shine? 

It's awesome to think about the fact that lighting can change the way you feel and shine, and help others to see you shine and be your best self. 

What type of lighting would bring out the best in you? 

Some tips from Kaz when lighting your home...

  1. Understand and embrace that more than one light in a room creates different moods in that space
  2. Dimmers create light and dark for different moods - experiement with what mood you're after
  3. Low wattage lightbulbs create their own effect, try them out
  4. Always remember bright lights highlight flaws and imperfections
  5. Brighter lights are an indication of activity where as lighter/softer lights create restfulness, peace and intimacy
  6. Lamp shades are a great decorative piece and also soften the light

We would love to hear what lighting you're experimenting with and what types of lighting turns your house into a home. 

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