The Importance of Homewares

Posted by Karen Rhodes on 13th Oct 2020

When choosing homewares for my home it’s important that l can relate to them, they must mean something. I’ve
always looked at my home as being the stable foundation and the homewares often tell a story of past present and future. 

I’m not one for a lot of colour however I've often achieved beautiful rooms for others with every colour of the rainbow.

Homewares are such an important part of our wellbeing. Surround yourselves with pieces that bring you happiness. A chair often is just a chair however once a throw and cushion is placed it can become so inviting. An empty shelf is just waiting for a story to begin. I’m a lover of blue and white and my kitchen shelf reflects that.

I feel it’s important when staging a room that texture, colour and shapes are well thought out.

I can remember a vanity only having soap however bathroom homewares such as soap holders, lotion racks, greenery all add such wonderful character.

Our kitchen table is a wonderful platform to display a collection of homewares. Candle holders, metal baskets or troughs can all make statements.

So make your house into a home buy choosing beautiful homewares.">