Who will you offer a seat to at your dining table?

Who will you offer a seat to at your dining table?

Posted by Paul Kooperman on 10th Aug 2020

The dining table has always been a symbol of many things: the place where we nourish ourselves, where we come together, celebrate important milestones, pray, gossip, connect, share experiences, and create new understandings.

The history of the dining table goes all the way back to the early Greeks and Romans, civilisations famous for their love of banqueting. With this in mind, it’s not surprising that these two world empires provided the catalyst for the creative process of explorative furniture design.

Now, living in 'COVID times' where people are being asked to stay at home, the dining table plays a more important role than ever before.  

Eating together at a dining table is a symbol of shared family life, shared living. It organises us, brings us together to eat, talk, share, love, connect and each contribute to our collective physical, mental and social well-being.

When the risk of visiting each other subsides, who will you invite around to share a meal at your dining table? 

Kaz's tips and tricks to furnish your dining table and turn your house into a home...

"I feel it’s always important to determine who and why we are sitting at the dining table. A BBQ setting would always take on a more casual look where as a dinner party may be more upmarket. The design can always be different for each individual. And reflect your personality. Here are some key tips to keep in mind, when choosing items for your dining table regardless of the occasion:  

  • Have fun with it
  • Choose functional pieces
  • Choose a focal point
  • Get creative
  • Consider it a reflection of happiness

Good luck!">