How Lift Top Coffee Tables Can Benefit Your Home

When thinking of living area furniture, it’s beneficial to include a Lift Top Coffee Table; making living easy.

Solid wood has always been a preferred surface highlighted by extra storage in the base.

When choosing your Solid Wood Top Lift Up Coffee Table consider:
- Quality

- Manufacturers

- Style

- Practicality

- Price


Barrington Lift Top Coffee Table

Identify what your main use for the Coffee Table with Lift Top would be for. With the benefit of mobility, the use broaden. You might find that placed in front of your sofa, dinner becomes around the coffee table. Perhaps a family board or card game. With the handy storage drawers, your iPad, laptop or book can be stored, making the ideal office desk.


Ashford Lift Top Coffee Table

When styling the Lift Up Coffee Table, I love a home book displayed with a selection of Creative Co- op Home florals and greenery; A tray with Creative Co- op Home mugs to enjoy a freshly brewed Harney and Sons Tea sets the perfect scene for your living area.


Ashford Lift Top Coffee Table


Don’t wait until it’s too late to purchase your Lift-Top Coffee Table. Visit us in-store at 25-27 Williamson Street, Bendigo or browse our range online.

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