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Thai Lily Vanity Tin Candle

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Fill your home with beautiful fragrance with the Illume Thai Lily luxury scented candle. The subtle blend of Bali Mango, Blood Orange & White Nectarine infused with Brazilian Teak & Asiatic Lily will take you on an aromatic sensory journey. With a 50 hour burn time you will have plenty of time to enjoy the wonderful scents this soy wax candle has to offer.


  • Blend of Bali Mango, Blood Orange & White Nectarine infused with Brazilian Teak & Asiatic Lily
  • L 8cm x W 8cm x H 10cm
  • Made of Soy Wax
  • 50 Hour Burn Time*
  • Vanity Tin Candle
  • High Quality Wax & Wick
  • Matching Candle Accessories
  • Made in Minnesota USA
  • Perfectly Gift-able